What is AboutLondon?

AboutLondon is Laura Porter. When asked what I do for a living, I found myself answering, “I write about London” so the handle stuck.

Here’s a lovely headshot photo that was taken a few years ago by the amazing Peter Dazeley. I’ve met some lovely London folks throughout my writing career.

Note, I have purple hair now. Who knows for how long.

I’ve been writing about London professionally since 2006 sharing tips and advice about the best city in the world. I wrote the About.com London Travel site (now called TripSavvy) for ten years (2006-2016). I was the sole writer for the site when it was included in The Independent’s 50 best travel websites (where I was described as a “mastermind”) and About Travel was ranked no.4 in the world.

I write for many online and print outlets about London as it is my ‘specialist subject’. I’ve written a London supplement for BRITAIN magazine and was a judge for the British Youth Travel Awards for many years.

You’ll find my name and ideas cropping up in plenty of other places including VisitLondon, VisitEngland, VisitBritain, Londonist, Laura’s Britain for Anglotopia and Laura’s London on Londontopia, HouseTrip, Great British Chefscoolplaces.co.uk, Heathrow Express, Travelzoo and many more.

And before the pandemic, I was the in-house travel writer for Hotel du Vin, Malmaison, London Bridge Hotel and Fraser Suites.

Social Media

As I’ve built up a loyal following, I now help companies manage their social media accounts. I really enjoy working with Zippos Circus where I oversee social media and manage online advertising. I also help behind the scenes at Family Days Tried and Tested.

Where To Find Me

My website is aboutlondonlaura.com (there’s a contact form) and you’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I live in east London. I love afternoon tea. I’m still a bit nervous about Covid stuff (my dad died during the second wave). But I do love London and expect I always will.

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I write about London. My favourite meal of the day is afternoon tea.